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The great condensate con: Is the oil glut just about oil?

My favorite Texas oilman Jeffrey Brown is pointing out to everyone who will listen that the supposed oversupply of crude oil isn't quite what it seems. Yes, there is a large overhang of excess oil in the market. But how much of that oversupply is honest-to-god oil and how much is so-called lease condensate which gets carelessly lumped in with crude oil? And, why is this important to understanding the true state of world oil supplies?

Resilience Roundup - Jan 15

A roundup of news, views and ideas from the main stream press and the blogosphere including: State of the Union: How climate and energy have featured since 1989 | Fracking shakes the American west: ‘a millennium’s worth of earthquakes’ | TransCanada Just Gave Environmentalists A Huge Boost | The quest for CCS...