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•Will the Monterey Shale be an energy and economic boon for California? •Recognition in US of impact and cost of climate change •EIA: Tight-oil production pushes up US supply •After shale gas, now for tight oil •Financial questions seen for US shale gas, tight-oil plays •Gas industry rejects US expert warning on fugitive emissions

Pay it local

A small amount of cash spent at the farmers market or local food store might make a huge difference to the vendors there. You never know what kind of difficulties they face, and where they stand on the thin line between a manageable load and giving up.

Mentats Wanted, Will Train

The theme of last week’s post here on The Archdruid Report—the strategy of preserving or reviving technologies for the deindustrial future now, before the accelerating curve of decline makes that task more difficult than it already is—can be applied very broadly indeed.

It's SHOWTIME For Climate Change

 I've been working for the past few months in this pint-sized piece of paradise designing a community education 'template' which integrates the practices and teachings of Yoga and Mindfulness with learning basic principles about climate change and how to adapt and take action.