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Power Water Networks

During the second half of the nineteenth century, water motors were widely used in Europe and America. These small water turbines were connected to the tap and could power any machine that is now driven by electricity.

Resilience Roundup - Apr 8

A roundup of news, views and ideas including: Trying to Put a Price on Big Oil's 'Climate Obstruction' Efforts | Oil industry must thwart 'misguided' divestment campaign, says Saudi minister | Is A Permanent Decline Coming For Russia?...

Changing Everything

A transition to renewable energy is often given a significance that goes well beyond its immediate impact: it would somehow make our exploitative relationship to Nature more environmentally sound, our relationship to each other more socially equitable.

The End of Ordinary Politics

Archdruids may take vacations but politics never sleeps, and during the month that’s elapsed since the last post here on The Archdruid Report, quite a number of things relevant to this blog’s project have gone spinning past the startled eyes of those who pay attention to the US political scene.

Timetables of power

Fossil fuels are polluting and in limited supply, but they give us copious amounts of energy from small areas of land. Doing without these concentrated fuels won’t be a simple matter of trading a gas tank for a plug-in. A look at Vaclav Smil’s Power Density.

Farming controversies are so complicated

I read an article on the DTN/Progressive Farming website that once again shows how difficult it is to resolve differences of opinion in farming disagreements. The article was an even-sided discussion of possible overproduction of organic crops, (which I plan to write about soon) but a respondent took the occasion to launch into a rather vitriolic attack on organic farming. He was irritated about the organic stand against herbicides.