Sierra Leone Videos

The ferry from Lungi to Freetown as it arrives in Freetown

Driving around in Sierra Leone

Various clips of driving around in Sierra Leone. Mainly Freetown but also Koidu and around Makeni.

The view from the guest house in Mapaki, Sierra Leone. Mapaki is north of Freetown near the city of Mekeni.

Two views of Freetown, Sierra Leone. The first clip was taken from the patio of the "Nova Scotia - Sierra Leone" Guest House located in the Congo Cross area. The second was taken on a walk from the guest house up the hill on the Motor Road.

Various street scenes filmed while I was driving around in Freetown

Filmed in Outamba-Kilimi National Park located in northern Sierra Leone. The family of monkeys collect oranges from the ground that they've picked off the trees. Amazing jungle sounds in the background!

The baby chimps of Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Freetown, Sierra Leone

If you're in Sierra Leone, be sure to visit them!
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Filmed in Mapaki, Sierra Leone. Young child making baskets to sell to earn money for school fees.

Clip of our truck driving onto the cable ferry crossing the Little Scarcies River in northern Sierra Leone on the way to Outumba National Park

My first rainstorm in Sierra Leone. Filmed in Mapaki.

The Weaver birds of Mapaki.

Merv the Goat
This video shows the killing of a goat.
We bought this goat for 110,000 Leones in a village outside of Makeni, Sierra Leone. The occasion was a BBQ party later that evening.