Solar Food Dehydrator

It all started a few years ago when a friend was throwing out an old window and I wondered what I could use it for. I had read about different solar collectors and figured I could cobble together enough parts to make something. This is the result,.... The only things I bought for the setup were:

  • black paint
  • dryer vet hose
  • old picture frames (for drying racks)
  • plexiglass (for drying compartment door)
  • screen (for drying racks and system vents)

So far the maximum temperature recorded in the heater section was 56 degrees Celsius which got the drying rack section up to 50C. On an average sunny day the heater section gets up into the high 40s while the drying area gets into the mid 40s. These temperatures where recorded in late May in Nova Scotia.

This video gives an overview of how it works.