Peace in the Worm Bin

I've now come to the conclusion that my worm bin revolt problem was not in fact due to environmental issues but rather my lack of attention in feeding them on a regular basis. At one time the worm bin was located in my kitchen which made it easy and convenient to feed them. But since I relocated the bin to the basement, I admit I have been lazy and not attending to them as much as I should have. Yes, I am a cruel worm owner. Please don't tell PETA!

I've arrived at this conclusion after digging through the bin and not finding any obvious environmental problems and doing a bit more research on the subject. I've read that lack of food can sometimes cause a mass migration as well as worm cannibalism. Since I did the bin 'dig-through' a few weeks ago I've been very good at checking on their mental and physical health every day and supplying them with lots of food. For the first few days there were still a few rebel worms trying to escape and I ended up herding these few free-spirited wrigglers into a container which I took to my office to help populate my office worm bin. Yes, I have worm bin beside my desk at work. But now that I've put enough food in the basement bin, I have not had any worms trying to escape.

It hurts me deep inside :-) to know that I was starving my worms and that their attempt to escape was in fact because they were desperate and smelled my supper up in the kitchen. I'm also glad that I figured out the problem before a herd of them was able to organize and storm up the basement stairs. They can be mean when they're hungry and they have the numbers that it could have been a huge problem if they had organized into a serious resistance movement. Hunger has been behind many a revolution in human history and it's no different in the worm world. :-)

I have now resolved to check on them at least every 2nd day to ensure they're well fed and not getting upset. I have also made this statement to the worms themselves and they seem to have accepted my promise of a continuous food supply. Hopefully this will be enough to pacify them and accept my ongoing rule over their domain.